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Why Video?

Look at us go! Who would have thought that SS Pictures would finally venture out in to the unknown of using social media and what better way to start that than with a Blog. I mean this counts as social media right?

This post is dedicated to those who are unsure as to whether or not to go ahead and hire "those video people". Well believe it or not there is an a huge benefit in doing so and hopefully by the end of this, we will have convinced you that at the bare minimum even if you don't hire SS Pictures for your special day you at least consider someone else, because you can never replace those moments.

Now don't get me wrong, we are primarily a videography company and many will argue that this is a bias opinion and for that matter they may have a point. However, I will do my absolute best to remain objective and simply show you the benefits of having someone there to capture those special moments.

So right off the bat, I know a lot of you have probably thought, "Yes, yes, we get it, you capture moments", and to some degree I would argue that is true. Some videographers are there to capture moments and preserve them for you forever. But isn't that what a photographer is by definition? Doesn't a photographer capture a moment in time, and preserve it forever? I would argue that a videographers job is not to just simply "capture" moments but it is to create those moments. I mean just think about that. In the image above is a powerful image, a father giving away his daughter to another man. She has a single tear fall from her face. This is a great freeze frame. We were so fortunate to be there at the exact same time rolling video, now imagine this same exact moment, but this time, you SEE the tear fall from her face, you hear the sniffling, and you get to actually SEE the reaction from the man she is about to marry.

You see, photography is an art that is by no means simple. Composition, lighting, focus, being there at the right moment and capturing a single frame amongst thousand, that is extremely difficult. But videography is an entirely different animal. We don't just rely on the fact that "Ok, we shot it, here it is". No there is so much more that goes in to videography. I always say that half of the battle is finished once the wedding is over. And believe me, our days are LONG. We, on average, work 21 hours. Now granted some of that is driving, but on average we typically hit 15 actual work hours. So after we have shot the entire day its now our job to tell a story, and in my mind that's really where the work begins. A lot of people see the final product but never really understand the work behind the scenes.

Take this video for instance. We shot this on New Years Eve. A typical day for us begins at 9am. We love to get there early to the venue so we can really begin shooting and getting those elegant shots without the interference of guests. Their wedding ceremony began at 8pm followed by a reception and an exit at 12:15am. The entire day was simply incredible and granted if we would have edited all of it straight forward I believe it still would have been an incredible video (no thanks to us, but because of the emotion and love for each other that they demonstrated). Instead as videographers and storytellers our job is to create those moments, create that emotion. That's really where our company motto came from. "You Imagine, We Create, Together we can Inspire". And I think that's the difference between photography and videography for me. I look back at pictures from my own wedding and I am blown away. Angie Davis (who by the way is phenomenal and you should really check out her work - is an artist. I look at those photos and they are gorgeous, they really capture that moment in time. I look back every time I see them and I say to myself "Aw, that was the perfect day." and "Why did she want to marry me again?"

When I look at this photo which is one of my favorite photos of all time, I say "Wow, that was incredible". Because its art, and I think that's why a lot of photographers get upset when people print their images or post them without permission because it is their art that they have created. But there's something missing. It's not a bad thing, but it needs something else and thats where video comes in to play. (Yes it took me this long to get to my point, thanks for staying with me) You see, when I watch my video, I get to "Relive" those moments that I treasure. (Yes I call my videos "Relive The Moment" Reels for a reason). Because that's what you do. Every single time I watch my wedding video, I cry. (Thanks Eric. - Eric Horner did my wedding video and I hired him for a reason. I met him in film school, he has worked with numerous clients, including Tony Robbins, and we used to tease him because every video he edited made you cry. That's exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be able to re watch this video 10 years from now and literally feel like I was back on the altar. And honestly I do. My heart races, tears swell in my eyes when I see her walk down the aisle, and I still roll my eyes about the fact that I couldn't stop sobbing during the vows.

Arrow and I watch this video for our anniversary, whenever I need a pick-me-up or whenever I just really want to cry (Thanks Eric). I honestly feel that emotion during the entire 16 minutes. That's what a true videographer/cinematographer does - they create those moments. It's not just about the shots, anyone can pick up a camera and shoot. Believe me, I have been told by several brides over the years "No thanks, I think my nephew is just going to shoot some video for us so we can save money". To me that is the biggest mistake you can do! Just as photography is an art, so is video. It's a combination of knowing when to cut to a different shot, when to bring up the music or fade it out, when to use certain speeches, toasts, shots - it is truly an art that takes years of practice to master. I am by no means a Master. I have been doing this for 11 years starting this year and I learn something new every single time I shoot.

If you're still reading I applaud you. Thanks for sticking around and I really hope that I have convinced some of you to add videography in to that budget because in my opinion its something you can't go without. Now, this isn't to say that you should forego photography - not at all! These go hand in hand. In my 11 years I have run across some absolutely incredible photographers that I truly admire and look up to. I feel its a necessary art and valuable. I think it's important to find both that fit in your budget and will work well together. So do your research, ask questions, don't rush in to things, and remember its a valuable keepsake that will help you Relive The Moment over and over again. Happy hunting, and tune in next time!

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