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Susan + Brian

It's seldom that we ever get to meet two people that were simply "meant" to be together. That's exactly what this love story was. After meeting Susan and talking with Brian for just 5 minutes you could immediately tell that their love story was something out of a fairytale. I don't use those terms very often but that is the only way to describe it. After talking with Brian for just a few short minutes, he told me the story behind the chapel and you couldn't help but be amazed about how this wedding was just meant to be.

When Brian and Susan first started dating, he told her that she should do weddings and events as a profession. This makes complete sense, as the entire reception was designed by Susan herself and it was something out of this world. From the breath taking table designs, to the uplighting, everything gave off a very elegant and other worldly feel.

One day while Susan was looking for a venue for a friend, she stumbled upon a picture of the Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel. She had no idea where it was located and as a joke, she sent the picture to Brian and told him she would do weddings and events if he could build that chapel for her. Little did she know that the chapel was actually located in the very city Brian's parents lived. It wasn't until months later when they were discussing getting married that he told her he had toured the chapel twice and said both times that if he ever got married, Mildred B Cooper is where it would be. It truly was a dream come true for both of them.

Our day started out at 9am where we were fortunate enough to take out our new toy, our phantom 4 drone to Mildred B. Cooper. We captured some incredible images there and then made the short journey to Centerton, Arkansas to The Ravington. We have shot at The Ravington before and let me just say that the Co-Owner Amber and her husband are incredible and this is becoming a huge venue for this area. The venue is already incredible, but Susan went above and beyond and added her own little touches and made this in to an unforgettable day.

The decorations, lighting, every last detail was planned out by Susan and was her own creativity. It definitely had a very elegant and enchanting feel. All of this made it for a very special wedding but my favorite part of the day by far was the first look. Brian stood facing the giant rustic blue doors with his eyes closed and as Susan finally walked out and he opened his eyes, there was an overwhelming rush of emotions and tears welled in his eyes. There is something very special when the groom breaks down after seeing his bride for the first time. There love is something that transcends time and we are so thrilled that we had the opportunity to be there and capture it for them.

There ceremony took place at 5pm at Mildred B. Cooper and it was very special that Brian's father was his Best Man and Susan's daughter was the Matron of Honor. The overcast skies made for the perfect lighting and as they stood at the altar taking their vows for each other, there was a slight tremble in Brian's voice, but that was eased by Susan's smile and inviting laugh. After their first kiss they walked hand in hand down the aisle and we got to see Brian's signature "six shooters" which we would all become very fond of the rest of the reception.

The reception kicked off with a bang as Brock Entertainment lead the way with introducing Brian as he entered from the hallway wielding a lightsabre and waving it around with a smile on his face, followed by Susan walking down the stairs from the grooms quarters in a much more elegant fashion. The first dance was so memorable in the fact that I've never seen two people were so lost in each other more so than Susan and Brian. As they danced, they sang to each other and their eyes never left the sight of the other. What was most impressive is that nearly all of their guests were from out of state and a few from out of country. We were so thrilled to be able to provide a service that we will never soon forget and we can only hope that someday in the future we will get to hear Susan's friendly laugh or Brian's unforgettable stories. Congratulations Susan+Brian, thank you for sharing you special day with us and trusting us to capture it for you!

Photography - Arrow Sherman Photography

Chapel - Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel

Reception - The Ravington

DJ - Brock Entertainment

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